Finding Alsace Wine In Saigon

cellar wine bistro alsace wine in hcmc

💃 Love ALSACE wine? US TOO!!! But what’s the best age to enjoy this delicious wine?

Most wines from Alsace are best consumed from 6 months to 5 years after release including wines from three classifications of Alsace; Alsace AOC, Alsace communal AOC and Alsace Lieu-dit AOC.

🌹 Alsace Grand Cru are the longest-lived Alsace wines and can last decades if stored properly.

As it's bottle-aged, Alsace Grand Cru loses its up-front fruit character slowly and develops subtle petrol notes and pine nut after cellaring 8-10 years.

Drop by Cellar Wine Bistro to have a chat with our sommelier about your favourite Alsace wine and maybe enjoy a bottle with some of our delicious cuisine!

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