Exploring Wine Glassware

Cellar Series: Exploring The Wine Glass

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The bowl is the heart of wine glasses, and it determines how fast the wine aerates. For the Burgundy glass, its striking feature is a balloon bowl and a tapered top.

This design allows plenty of aeration and captures and concentrates the delicate aromas of Pinot Noir.

On the contrary, the bowl of Bordeaux glass is narrower but with greater height.

This design helps trap a large volume of oxygen to decant the wine, in order to soften the tannic Cabernet and dissipate alcohol on the nose. 

The rim of the glass also has a huge impact on the taste of the wine.

The Bordeaux glass has a narrow rim that permits the wine to flow smoothly onto the middle of your tongue.

It accentuates sourness to balance with tannic flavours - ideal for red wine with medium acidity.

On the contrary, the Burgundy glass has a wider rim which leads the flow to the tip of the tongue.

This helps to increase the sweetness and ripe flavour, balanced with the sourness, and is ideal for red wine with high acidity like Pinot Noir. 


The Cellar Wine Bistro Team